Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Travelling by motorcycle can be a fun, fuel efficient way to travel that puts you in touch with nature, but it can also come with some risks:

Increased Volume of Traffic

As everyone who lives in British Columbia has become painstakingly aware, there are significantly more vehicles on the road nowadays, the majority of them cars and trucks.  This leads to more accidents occurring and a huge increase in risk to motorcyclists, especially those who use their motorcycle to commute to and from work.

Disregard for Motorcyclists

One thing that hasn’t changed is cars and trucks failing to pay proper attention to motorcyclists and respect them as motorists.  Rear-ending accidents commonly result from this and can result in serious injuries.  Always drive defensively when operating a motorcycle.

Road Conditions

While part of the allure of operating a motorcycle in British Columbia is getting in touch with nature, one can’t overlook the dangers British Columbia weather can pose to a motorcyclist.  Wet or slick roads can be a danger to motorcyclists, especially on highways.

Road Design

The roads and highways of British Columbia were designed with cars and trucks in mind, not motorcycles.  It’s important that when operating motorcycles riders be careful of this, especially in city settings.

The Motorcycle’s Structure

Due to the design of motorcycles and the light weight material they’re made out of there is an inherent danger to motorcyclists who lack the protective frame provided by cars and trucks.  Always wear proper protective gear when operating your motorcycle.

Undertrained Motorcyclists

For those who have experience operating motorcycles it may seem obvious, but many people don’t realize that operating a motorcycle requires a higher degree of skill than operating a car or truck.  Proper training is a must if you plan on operating your motorcycle safely.

When to Contact a Lawyer

If you or a family member have been involved in a motorcycle accident the personal injury lawyers at Taylor and Blair will protect you and fight for your rights.  The lawyers at Taylor and Blair have achieved great success settling motorcycle accidents with ICBC and will ensure you are treated fairly and get the most compensation possible.  Contact us at 604-737-6900 to schedule your free initial consultation today.