As we get older our bodies do not always hold up as well as they used to, whether this is due to an injury, a degenerative condition or just wear and tear over time.  There are several types of insurance that have particular relevance to the elderly, whether someone is unable to continue working due to an injury or illness, or in the event of a death.  While many people have insurance for just such occasions, the unfortunate reality is that often insurance companies will deny fair claims.

The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP have significant experience dealing with the following types of insurance denials, amongst others:

  • Critical Illness Insurance Denials
  • Disability Insurance Claim Denials
  • Life Insurance Denials

After an accident, illness, or bereavement, an insurance claim denial often puts an increased amount of financial burden on you or your family. It may not be obvious where to turn and claims can be denied for several reasons, including alleged misrepresentations, contractual exclusions, improperly compiled evidence, and many other reasons.

The lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP can help you obtain fair compensation from large insurance companies.  There are always time limits on challenging insurance denials so contact us now so we can get to work helping you.