Surrey Elder Law Lawyers

Taylor & Blair LLP has been helping the citizens of Surrey with their legal issues for over 30 years.

As one of the largest cities in the province, Surrey has a large elder population and the Surrey elder law lawyers at Taylor & Blair LLP work hard to ensure their legal rights are protected.  If you’ve been denied insurance coverage, injured due to another or through negligent care, require a committeeship or have suffered discrimination at work due to your age, our Surrey elder law lawyers have the experience and knowledge to ensure you get a fair deal.  

Surrey Elder Law Areas of Expertise

Our Surrey elder law lawyers are passionate about providing strong representations to their clients and ensuring they get dealt with fairly and compassionately.  Our Surrey elder law lawyers have expertise in the following areas:

There are a number of long-term care homes in Surrey, including:

If you’ve had an issue with any of these long-term care homes, or any other care residence or service, contact our Surrey elder law lawyers today.

Surrey Elder Law Time Limits & Fees

Legal claims all have a time limit in which lawsuits need to be started.  When your time limit starts and ends depends on the nature of your claim.  Our Surrey elder law lawyers will be able to review your legal issue and advise you as to your limitation period.

Our Surrey elder law lawyers have different fee structures for different legal services.  Some legal services are based on an hourly rate, others a flat fee, and still others can be done on a contingency fee basis, where you don’t pay unless we’re successful in obtaining a settlement or judgment on your behalf.  For more information contact our offices.  

If you need a Surrey elder law lawyer you can trust, contact Taylor & Blair LLP today.